Ralph A. Taylor Memorial Scholarship

In 2012, Ralph A. Taylor, a former member of the Bethany Presbyterian Church in Bethany,
Pennsylvania, bequeathed to the congregation a large gift of money. To honor Mr. Taylor, the
congregation determined a portion of this gift would be given as a scholarship to deserving
young person(s) in the community to support their pursuit of higher education.

The scholarship is open to Wayne County, Pennsylvania residents or family members of a
member of Bethany Presbyterian Church, who actively attends church activities regardless of
denomination. The monies can be used for any accredited 2-year school, 4-year undergraduate
school or trade school. The potential applicant must prove acceptance to the school of their

Applicants will be chosen by the Bethany Presbyterian Church Finance Committee. The
committee will choose an applicant(s) each year and decide the amount of monies they will
receive. Depending on the number of applicants and the quality of their application(s), the
committee will determine the number of scholarships each year. There is no guarantee there will
be a scholarship awarded every year.

Students will have the opportunity to renew their applications each year they are enrolled as a
full-time student so long as they keep a 2.5 GPA.

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